A Little About Me

Hello, lovely souls!  I'm Kimberli, the curator of Divine Domesticity, and I'm overjoyed to welcome you to this virtual haven of warmth, inspiration, and intentional living.  I live in a cozy little cabin in the woods and love to putter and share my heart as a homemaker, homeschooler, and homesteader. I hope my little tidbits of domestic bliss bring joy to your very hearts.

My journey into the divine art of homemaking began as a passion project—a desire to infuse every corner of my home with love, intention, and a place of nourishment. As a devoted homemaker, culinary enthusiast, and seeker of joy in the ordinary, I found solace and fulfillment in the sacred act of creating a home that transcends the mundane.

I'm so glad you're here.  Grab a cup of tea and stay a while.

My Vision

Divine Domesticity is more than a blogor Website; it's a philosophy—a celebration of the simple, sacred moments that shape our homes and hearts. It's a reflection of my belief that homemaking is an art form, a daily practice that allows us to craft a life of purpose, connection, and beauty.

What to Expect

Within the pages of Divine Domesticity, I've woven together a tapestry of topics that encompass the essence of family life. From the delightful aromas of the kitchen to the gentle rhythms of homeschooling and the grounding practices of homesteading, each article is a piece of the larger narrative—a journey towards divine living.


I invite you to not just read but engage, share, and connect. Divine Domesticity is more than a blog; it's a community—a gathering place for kindred spirits who believe that homemaking is a divine expression of love and intention.

I'm Glad Your here!

A Bit Of Inspiration for Your Day on the Blog

Whether you're here to discover a new recipe, glean insights into mindful motherhood, or simply find inspiration in the art of keeping house, know that you're in the right place. Divine Domesticity is a celebration of the extraordinary within the ordinary, and I'm honored to be a part of your days dearest homemaker.

You Deserve the Coziest Home

In the gentle embrace of our homes, we find not just shelter but a refuge for the soul—a haven that cradles our dreams, whispers our hopes, and cradles us in a cocoon of comfort.

As homemakers, we are the architects of this haven, weaving threads of warmth into the very fabric of our living spaces. It's not just about creating a cozy cocoon for our families; it's about carving out a sanctuary that nurtures our own spirits as well.

Picture a quiet corner bathed in soft, golden light—a cozy reading nook where the pages of our favorite books become portals to another world. Here, amidst plump cushions and snuggly throws, we find solace and rejuvenation, a space where we can lose ourselves in the magic of storytelling and escape the hustle of daily life.

Let's not forget the joy of a book stack—a tower of knowledge, inspiration, and cherished tales that becomes a testament to our love for learning and growth. These vertical wonders are not just decorative; they are pillars of wisdom, standing tall in the heart of our homes, encouraging us to explore, dream, and evolve. In the corner dedicated to inspiration, surrounded by quotes, vision boards, and tokens of motivation, we cultivate the seeds of our dreams. It's a space where creativity flourishes, ideas bloom, and our aspirations are given the room to breathe and manifest.

And then, there's the notion of a room entirely our own—a personal sanctuary that reflects our individuality and provides a canvas for self-discovery. It's not just a room; it's a sacred space where we can recharge, reflect, and revel in the luxury of solitude, nurturing the flame within that fuels our role as homemakers.

So, dear homemaker, as you curate the coziest corners of your home, remember that these spaces are not just for others but for you as well. Your haven should be a reflection of the warmth and love you pour into your family—a tapestry woven with threads of self-care, personal growth, and the simple joys that make life extraordinary. Here's to creating not just a home but a haven where every nook tells a story of comfort, inspiration, and the beautiful essence of you. 




New England, USA

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